Little Lights is an self directed enrichment program in Austin Texas. Ranging from ages 4-10, each child is on their own journey to pursue their joy. Impromptu classes are held, experiments are done, plays enacted – anything the children want to learn or explore.

Why Little Lights?

*Little Lights is an open resource environment. Everything is available to the children at anytime. 

*At Little Lights, children can safely pursue ideas in an space where they are supported and encouraged by their peers and mentor. Conflict is resolved in a non punitive way to set the example of community, compassion and reciprocity.

*A sense of self management and autonomy is encouraged in everything we do.



Little Lights offers several options for ages 2-12! See the below descriptions for more info.
Explorative Adventure Days

Mondays and Thursdays from 10am -3pm

30$ per day

Ages 4+

This is the classic Little Lights experience. Sign up for an 8 week session and join us on Mondays, Thursdays or both! 

Open enrollment year around

After School Hangout

Wednesdays 3.30-5.30

10$ per day

Ages 4+

A program started with our friends who can't join during the day in mind! Sign up for the month then come hang out, do crafts, eat by the fire, make something amazing or just do your own thing. 

Open enrollment year around
Littlest Lights Adventure Days

Wednesdays from 10-1

25$ per day

Ages 2-4

This is the time for our littlest friends can come in and explore the enviroment safely. 


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