Suppy fees, registration fees etc?
NONE. All of this is covered in your sessions payment.
Sibling discount -
At this time the program is still in it's infancy and I cannot do sibling discounts.
If I sign up for multiple sessions, will each one be the same?
 No two sessions will be alike!
Safety concerns -
Please ensure that your child comes to school everyday prepared to play in the elements. If it is raining, we will play outside in the rain, if it is hot we will play in the heat (and water!) Sunscreen and bug spray will be provided. The yard playspace is a learning-through-play environment. Loose parts such as wood, milk crates, pallets etc are always present. Hammers and nails will occasionally be provided for tinkering play. Please send children to school in shoes they will be comfortable in all day .

A word on clothing-
Students who don’t need to worry about “getting dirty” because of their clothes, tend to allow themselves to have deep experiences with the natural world that they otherwise might not. So I recommend that you do not send you kids to class in clothing that they or you feel uncomfortable with them getting dirty and stained!
Due to the high level of allergies and diverse food needs, at this time LL asks that all kids who attend bring a labeled pack lunch and water bottle in their own back pack. Healthy snacks will be provided and always accessible to children.
Days off -
Little Lights follows all AISD holidays for ease of parents.
Sick Days -
     Mentor is allowed 3 sick days per year after which all families in attendance for that day are fully reimbursed the following session.
     If child has been sick, they must have gone 24hrs with no fever or vomiting.
Little Lights is an ENRICHMENT CLASS providing a free play enviroment to children. Little Lights makes no claims to being a formal education school or to provide an education standard like that of an acredited school.