At Little Lights an important part of our class design is global stewardship. ​

On the grounds we currently have 4 working plots (including an oyster mushroom bed) that are farmed and harvested from year around. Children are welcome to reap what they've sown and sometimes they have a little from the garden with their lunch! There is also a hot compost pile to which we add any food scraps that the animals don't eat as well as any manure the animals produce.

Currently there are six beautiful laying hens on the grounds. Not only are they fun to watch and take care of, but they take what we cant or wont eat and convert it into compost for the garden and eggs for the table.

We have one bog pond and an Edwards Plateau pond on the grounds as well. All year long these ponds are an oasis for all manner of birds, mamals, reptiles and amphibians! We watch the tadpoles grow as the crawfish lay and wait for unsuspecting prey. We take samples from the ponds and check it out under the microscope, measure the size of the inhabitants, or check water fluctuations. 

The fallen branches are collected to feed the fire pit, the ashes are given to the garden to help it grow, all the while the children are acutely aware and question the circle of life and existance. These are questions and ideas that are not shyed from at LL, but pursued and discussed in a round circle, often around the fire.

On the sidewalk in front of Little Lights there is a free Library and non-perishable food pantry! This was born out of the idea that the kids had one day after they had decided to try and sell the produce they had made. Someone who walked by said they didn't have any money to purchase fresh produce so someone said "Hey! It should be free!" The food pantry was born! Kids are encouraged to bring food from home that is nutritious and non perishable, as well as books they are done with and ready to share.